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Careers with CommSite

Since our inception in 2010, CommSite has been a rapidly expanding business, both in capacity of resources and technical capabilities. As a result of this, we have been able to offer many new employees careers which have expanded their capability and provided long term career prospects with our company. We are quite regularly on the lookout for talented and committed new employees, particularly from the radio communications arena. Some examples of these technical skills are:

• Radio Communications Technicians/Technical Officers/Engineers
• Communications Specialists
• Qualified and Experienced Project Managers
• Security System Technicians
• Telco Riggers, Scaffolders, Twin Rope Specialists
• Industrial Electronics Technicians
• Mobile Telecommunications Engineers
• Electricians
• Defence Communication System Technicians
• Optic Fibre Technicians
• Satellite Earth Station Technicians
• Phone System Technicians
• Vehicle Installation Technicians
• Broadcast Technicians

What does our company offer employees? In short, a lot of opportunity to advance their careers in a range of rapidly evolving, technology based fields.

Our employees work in a fast paced, at times challenging work environment, supported by a great team environment. They are provided with any training requirements for the tasks along with work time flexibility to meet customer demands. Employment packages vary greatly between roles, rewarding employees based on commitment to our culture of quality and customer satisfaction. CommSite is one of the only companies offering Radio Communications and Electronics Trades Apprenticeships – a vital service to the communications industry in the longer term.

Our business is spread across a broad operational area, being one of very few companies operating in regional areas. Like to live and work out of the city? Check with us as we may be able to offer employment locally in these more remote regions.

Please see our Careers with CommSite brochure HERE.

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