Transform Your Business
Planning Your Project

The Right Project Plan Will Transform Your Business

The right integrated communications systems design and implementation will transform your business. Our 100% Australian-owned with operated business brings decades of expertise in a variety of industries, plus detailed knowledge of the latest technologies, to customise the ideal solution for you.
We take the time to learn about your business from the ground up and gain an understanding of your issues and challenges. We then offer your team the best-fit solutions for sustainable, adaptable communications systems utilising the latest technology. CommSite is a fully independent vendor of communications equipment, allowing us to provide your ideal solution from a massive range of quality products from all the leading manufacturers. Beyond this, we can also engineer to individual requirements providing a full turnkey project delivery.

We listen to you and design systems that exceed your expectations, not your budget

We understand that your business needs will change over time. Our experienced personnel will analyse your specific operational challenges. We have the product knowledge and expertise to integrate your existing infrastructure and bring it up to date with leading technologies to keep it there. Whether you have large or small operational sites, one or many mobile crews, 24/7 critical requirements, we understand that your communications needs are individual, just as our solutions are tailored to your business.

Our fully qualified project managers offer any or all of the following services in our consultation and planning processes:

  • Project expectations and outcomes – we listen to what you need so we can help you achieve the required outcome
  • Design and scoping – we design systems combining “off the shelf” or customised configurations to meet your individual requirements. We assist with completion of project scopes for tender utilising our broad product knowledge and diverse technical expertise
  • Survey and measure – we carry out any form of preliminary survey, for example, Microwave or wireless link line-of-sight, link path profiling and design, radio coverage predictions, field signal surveys and testing, site acceptance surveys, RADHAZ surveys and documentation etc.
  • CommSite planning, permits and acquisition – we deal with all the legislative requirements for site establishment – council permits, environmental studies, easement access, etc.
  • Critical path planning – time-lines are one of the most critical items for a successful project outcome. Our turnkey solutions include solid time frame planning and documentation based on our extensive prior project knowledge and experience
  • Procurement and Supply – we have access to any product vendor required to complete your project including all leading manufacturers of radio communications equipment. We have utilised many specialised suppliers for the delivery of our project scopes. CommSite can provide complete project Bill-of-Materials at market competitive pricing
  • Multiple Technology Capability – CommSite provides by far the most diverse capability and technical expertise in the industry. We take on the challenging broad spectrum project scopes that would otherwise require several companies to complete
  • Audits and Reporting – not sure what equipment you have? We can provide a full system audit and report as part of our project preparation and scoping
  • Drawing and Drafting Services – no project is complete without the documentation updates which we can provide in your desired format.

Whether you have high availability, business critical communications or emergency services or mobile crews who need to stay connected when travelling and working safely in remote areas, or need a communications solution for business improvement, we can design the right fit for you.

We understand that business needs change over time. Our experienced personnel will analyse your specific operational challenges. We have the product knowledge and expertise to integrate your existing investment and bring it up to date with the latest technologies.

Download our Project Planning Brochure HERE.