Transform Your Business


We’re committed to helping your business reach peak efficiency with reliable, robust communications systems. The right integrated communications systems design will transform your business.

We aim to learn about your business from the ground up to gain an understanding of your specific issues and challenges. We then offer your team the best-fit solutions for a sustainable and adaptable communications system.

We listen to you and design systems that exceed your expectations, not your budget.

We don’t just install ‘off-the-shelf’ and walk away. If your needs are complex and unique, our engineers can create an individual solution that makes managing your communications systems sustainable and flexible into the future.

Size doesn’t matter. We work across a wide spectrum of market verticals including some of the most time-critical businesses in Australia, such as:  utilities, power generation, oil and gas industry, police and emergency services.

Equipment and system failures in these industries have critical consequences, so they rely on CommSite Integrated Communications to provide resilient communications systems.

It doesn’t matter whether you have large or small operational sites, one or many mobile crews. Your communications needs are individual to you, just as our solutions are individual and tailored to your business.

We offer any or all of the following services in our design and project preparation program:

  • Customer consultation to gather stakeholder input and desired outcomes
  • Planning, regulatory and third party permits and approvals, including Local Government and ACMA
  • Assistance with preparation of project scope
  • Technical consultation – assistance with product options and choices
  • Feasibility testing on-site such as Line-Of-Sight for Radio Links or Signal Strength Mapping
  • Preparation of project documentation – CAD drafting
  • Preparation of Factory and Site Acceptance Testing processes
  • Project timeline or Gantt chart preparation
  • Planning for ongoing service or maintenance programme

Whether you have a high availability business, critical or emergency services or mobile crew who need to stay connected when travelling and working safely in remote areas, or need a communications solution for business improvement, we can design the right fit for you.

We understand that business needs change over time. Our experienced personnel will analyse your specific operational challenges. We have the product knowledge and expertise to integrate your existing investment and bring it up to date with the latest technologies.