Delivering the Latest Technology
Installation and Commissioning

CommSite provides the largest and most diversely skilled installation team in communications system installation and commissioning in our region

CommSite Integrated Communications will carry out the installation of a complete communications solution to fit your unique needs. We directly implement everything from procurement right through to the most technically challenging installation tasks with a solid history of successful, large scale
project implementations. Our experienced management team is backed up by a well equipped and trade-trained technical team, the largest in Victoria for this type of business. CommSite Integrated Communications has the resources and leading edge products to provide unified communications systems for any industry vertical. We have experienced growth as a business as a result of the quality, diverse services we provide. This has seen us spread geographically to support the whole State of Victoria (and nationally for specialised tasks) utilising our large fleet of service vehicles. Our vehicles are managed from their nearest regional office and service all the major population centres across the state. They are satellite tracked and tasks are co-ordinated via a central web based job management system from the smallest fix-it job to the largest of projects.

What skills do we have?

Our team includes Radio Communications Engineers, Technical Officers, Technicians, Project Managers, Telco Riggers, Electricians, Security System Technicians, Mobile Telco Engineers, Industrial Electronics Technicians, Optic Fibre Engineers, Telecommunications Technicians and Vehicle Installation teams.
We have all the test equipment required to ensure your new hardware is working at its optimum performance – we provide post installation reporting if required. We deliver the same level of care, capability and attention to detail whether you’re from large enterprise or small business.
CommSite has revolutionised communications service delivery.

What products do we supply and install? Here’s a sample:

  • Commercial Two-Way Radio
  • Vehicle Fleet communications equipment
  • Antenna Systems – all types
  • Communications Accessories
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Optic Fibre Hardware
  • Satellite Systems – small to large scale
  • RFID Antennas
  • CCTV Camera Systems including wireless networks
  • Communications Trailers
  • Broadcast – TV and Radio
  • Marine Electronics
  • Perimeter Security Systems
  • Lattice towers – self supporting and guyed masts
  • Monopoles – concrete or steel
  • Commercial phone systems
  • Commercial Alarm systems
  • IT network infrastructure
  • Carrier Class Microwave and Wireless Links
  • SCADA Telemetry and remote monitoring
  • Sirens and Signals
  • Asset tracking and tagging systems
  • Power over Ethernet Devices
  • UHF CB radios
  • Paging Systems
  • Network Cabling
  • Remote Power Systems
  • UPS Back-up Power
  • DC Power Systems
  • Intrinsically Safe Products
  • Hazardous Area Equipment

If you have a communications product requirement and you need advice on the most suitable product or replacement part, we can help. Our ability to research products has proven to be a real asset to our client base. Our product advice is independent as we supply all the leading manufacturers – our recommendations are solidly based on ‘fit-for-purpose’ and ‘value for money’ as a result.

Need information on a product?  Send us an email to:

Get your product installation carried out by CommSite – a qualified team focused on a quality result. Our experience and past project history speak for themselves, along with the fact that we are the fastest growing communications business in Victoria – give us a try and see why!

Download our Installation and Commissioning Brochure HERE.