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Maintenance and Support


Our innovative systems solutions come with the reassuring backup of our customer support teams, with decades of experience working in communications across diverse Industry verticals.

Maintaining communications infrastructure can be a challenge when your sites are remote from your primary business locations. CommSite offers a dedicated team of specialists to provide you with a 24/7 solution. We run a large, fully equipped fleet of more than thirty service vehicles, stocked with all the tools, equipment and consumables required. We provide an impressive selection of system testing capability and current test equipment. Our crews attend to maintenance regimes right across Victoria and interstate (for specialist activities), deployed from their nearest regional office location – see Contact page. This minimises travel time and expenditure to our customers – we are never far away.
In addition to our maintenance and on-call support programs, we also provide independent audit services for existing sites, presented in a detailed report on the operational condition, quality and asset details of all on-site equipment.
CommSite provides you with all the turnkey maintenance services required to ensure your communications investment is properly maintained and operating at its optimum level. We provide comprehensive facilities maintenance, including:

  • tower inspections and safety climb re-certification
  • antenna system inspection and reporting
  • interference testing, PIM & RTWP fault diagnosis
  • feeder and connector checks
  • security, fence and lock maintenance
  • weed and pest control
  • minor building repairs
  • generator maintenance
  • air conditioning maintenance
  • minor electrical works and repairs

Our customer owned spares inventory is centrally controlled with software which also manages our field team tasks, providing our clients with fully automated and efficient task processing. Our statewide operational facilities carry spares and consumables close to where they are needed, keeping deployment times minimised.
You can be assured that we are strongly committed to Occupational Health and Safety and have a continuous process of monitoring and evaluating standards onsite, and maintaining competency levels. CommSite has a SHEQ Manager with training certifications to ensure all customer’s safety requirements are met. All personnel maintain the necessary safety training and inductions required for their daily activities. Examples of these are as follows:

  • Safe Working at Heights (Height Awareness) and Vertical Rescue from Heights
  • Open Elevated Work Platform Operators
  • Dogging, Rigging & Scaffolding Licenses
  • Level Two First Aid
  • Registered Electrical Contractors
  • Open Licensed Cablers
  • Helisea/Bosiet Training (Oil Industry)
  • Basic Fire Fighting
  • All Mobile Telco carrier site inductions
  • Construction Induction
  • Maritime Security Identification Card
  • Private Security Registration

If you need a Support contractor for your sites or facilities, please give CommSite a call to discuss your requirements or email: Comprehensively trained, well-equipped technical teams – where you need them – to keep your critical systems operating.

Download our Maintenance and Support Brochure HERE.