• August 4, 2016

Tait Enable Fleet

Tait Enable Fleet

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Tait releases their Enable Fleet digital radio remote management package

Utilising EnableFleet you can remotely configure and manage your entire fleet of Tait radios from one central location. This ensures consistency of information programmed into the fleet and allows for centralised oversight of the field radio hardware. EnableFleet places the control and management efficiency of your entire radio fleet firmly in your hands. Some of the enhanced features provided includes:

•        Centralized radio configuration and firmware management

•        Accurate and reliable fleet information

•        Consistent installation results

•        Cost-effective, easy in-field programming

•        Easy delivery of updates using client application or Over The Air Programming (OTAP)

Tait works with their customers to create and support the critical communication solutions they depend on to do their jobs. Talk to your CommSite representative today about your communications system and discover what opportunities for enhancement are available to you.

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